COVID-19 Update January 2021


We wish to reassure our patients , we are allowed to remain OPEN as an essential primary healthcare provider
Government regulations state that Dental Services can remain open during this latest lockdown period in England, (from 5th January 2021)
See link below, part 3 and paragraph 47
If you need an appointment or dental advice please contact us either by telephone or via email
Tel No: 01246 415787
Stay safe and well
Gareth and Team

What have we been doing to make the practice Covid safe?

We have invested in some new equipment to keep patients and staff safe, this includes:

An acrylic shield at the reception desk.
Air purifiers for the surgeries - These will be continuously ‘cleaning and disinfecting’ the air of particles, including those of a virus. This maintains a better air quality but also significantly reduces the time an aerosol hangs in the environment.
Increased levels of PPE for staff – This will include masks, visors and for certain procedures a surgical type gown.

Visiting the Practice

As many of you will have found the procedure of visiting places such as supermarkets has changed considerably, this will also be the case for coming to the dental practice.

In order for patients to be aware of this new procedure and feel comfortable with visiting the dentist we have produced a step-by-step guide of what to expect.

  • When an appointment is made, you will be asked a series of questions about the COVID-19 status of yourself and those you live with.
  • We will email you a consent form for you to read through before coming to the practice. The purpose of this is to ask for your consent to receiving treatment at our practice during the outbreak of COVID-19. Please print it off and sign it if you are happy with the content and please bring it with you when you attend. If you are unable to print the consent form, please reply to the email signifying that you consent to receiving treatment at our practice during the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • We will call you the morning of your appointment to check none of the above has changed
  • When you arrive at the practice, you must come on your own (unless there is a need to be accompanied).
  • You should arrive at the appointed time and telephone 01246 415787 to let us know you have arrived.
  • You will not be able to enter the practice early and sit in the waiting room, so if you are early, please wait in your car or outside the practice, if travelling by foot or by public transport please be aware you will have to wait outside until you are invited into the practice.
  • You will be met at the door by a member of our team and asked to sanitise your hands; we will also take your temperature when you arrive using a contactless thermometer.
  • We will only be accepting card payments NO CASH.
  • The team may look a little different as they be using increased levels of PPE including masks and visors.
  • Please bring a pen with you to the practice to sign your medical history and/or consent form.
  • Please could you clean your teeth thoroughly before attending for your appointment and avoid all food and drinks until after your appointment, as there will be no tooth brushing facilities available.


Coronavirus Webinar

The chief dental officer for England will host a second webinar aimed at answering questions on dentistry and coronavirus.

08 June 2020


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