Dental Procedures Move With The Times

Advances in computer technology have seen tremendous changes in the way we live today. They’re also improving dental health as well. This is the age of the digital dentist where even teeth cleaning can now be done using lasers to give you a computer-generated smile. And it is not just in the dentist’s office where technological advances can be seen.

- Smart Toothbrushes. In the modern world, smart toothbrushes now contain sensors to identify which areas and teeth are being over- or under-brushed.
- Laser Technology. Lasers are now being used in many dental procedures such as fillings to strengthen the bond with the tooth. And they are also very effective in treating gum disease, tooth decay and teeth whitening.
- 3D Digital Printing. No longer science fiction but science fact, 3D printing is already being used to produce drill guides and dental implants.

Other advances include an Intra-Oral Camera to capture detailed images from inside the mouth so it is now a case of “Smile, you’re on Intra-Oral Camera”. According to a recent report “advances in dental equipment are rapidly making this high-tech practice a reality.”
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